Jinwoo Jang Architect

PRC-Queens North Project

Twin Residential Towers:

We have designed a unique mega-site located in NYC, which covers nearly 3 city blocks and is currently comprised of one-story strip malls. Our proposal aims to maximize the allowed Floor Area Ratio (FAR) by constructing two separate buildings with 42 dwelling units each. The ground floor will feature retail spaces that offer a central courtyard between the two building blocks, and on-site parking is available at the cellar and sub-cellar levels.

In addition to the as-of-right development, we have presented an alternative option that includes a hotel, condominiums, and a retail concourse level.

Modulated Design: The two-city-block-long façade was designed with a variety of modulated design elements to create a dynamic and visually appealing exterior.

Public Plaza: The public plaza, located between the two residential buildings, is surrounded by shops, creating a lively atmosphere for residents and visitors.

Retail Spaces: The ground floor features prime retail spaces, with ample parking spaces in the basement, providing an iconic landmark for the neighborhood.

Location: Queens, NY
Project Area: 242,000 SF
Design Year: 2018

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