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The Avalon

The Avalon Hotel

The former headquarters of an advertising agency was gutted and transformed into a boutique hotel in Midtown Manhattan, retaining its early 20th century structure. The project successfully challenged New York City’s rear yard setback requirement for converting an existing commercial building into a multiple dwelling, taking a more practical approach in this unique urban environment. With neo-classic interior design throughout the building and modern hotel amenities, this project remains one of our most significant achievements.

4-Star Accommodation: The Avalon Hotel is a 4-star venue, offering top-notch accommodation in the shopping district of New York. Located just steps away from the iconic Macy’s Department Store, guests can enjoy a prime location and top-notch amenities.

Historic Restoration: During the renovation, the existing limestone cornice, frieze, and capitals of the front facade were meticulously restored, preserving the historic charm of the building.

Smart Building Technology: The Avalon Hotel features state-of-the-art modular chiller plants, managed by Johnson Controls for optimal energy efficiency. The system automatically adjusts to various environmental conditions for a more comfortable and energy-efficient stay.

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Location: New York, NY
Project Area: 158,000 SF
Design Year: 2000

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