Jinwoo Jang Architect

Berry Street

Williamsburg Shopping & Miniature Golf

A two-story commercial building designed by JWJA, offers an exceptional shopping and dining experience in the heart of Williamsburg. With its unique architecture, the building boasts extended open spaces on the rooftop with seating capacity for over 200 people and ground-floor shops with two-story high ceilings and mezzanines. The custom-designed curtain wall mullions add grandeur to the building’s appearance and create a rhythm in the street facade.

Energy Efficient: The building features extensive energy efficiency, utilizing solar photovoltaic glazings to reduce its carbon footprint and ensure sustainable development.

Attractive Destination: A miniature golf course, paired with fine dining options, offers an attractive and fun destination for families and friends to enjoy.

Innovative Parking and Signage: With an on-grade multi-level parking system, the building design includes significant integration of revenue-generating street signage, providing both convenience and profitability.

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Project Area: 25,000 SF
Design Year: 2019

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