Jinwoo Jang Architect

115 Broadway

Hanging Garden Building

115 Broadway is a triangular-shaped lot that was designed to promote the monumentality of the site. It is located in a prominent location in Brooklyn and is surrounded by densely populated multi-dwelling buildings. The client wanted to extend its memorable sense of place and to do so, JWJA designed a three-story atrium filled with plants hanging from above.

Monumental Presence: The Hanging Garden Building is designed to be a monumental presence in the neighborhood, making a statement through its triangular lot and location in a prominent area.

Vertical Garden: The vertical garden, created behind a space-framed glass wall, adds an interesting story to the neighborhood and enhances the building’s aesthetic with its three-story height.

Glass Enclosure: The three-story glass wall encloses the atrium and promotes the exposure of the vegetated inner space, creating a unique and inviting environment.

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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Project Area: 2,800 SF
Design Year: 2020

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