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DOB Matters, ADA & Local Law Compliance

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No job is too small for us when it comes to addressing the everyday needs of property owners and property management companies. Our services revolve around handling various matters related to the Department of Buildings (DOB), ADA compliance, and Local Law compliance. We take pride in offering comprehensive solutions, including:

  1. Addressing Violations: We assist in identifying and resolving violations issued by the DOB, ensuring that necessary actions are taken promptly to rectify the situation.
  2. Filing Work with the DOB: Whether it’s for owners or tenants, we facilitate the filing of work applications with the DOB, ensuring a quick turnaround to initiate new leases or property modifications.
  3. Documentation of Existing Buildings and Spaces: We meticulously document existing buildings and spaces, providing a detailed record that can be useful for future reference and planning.
  4. Reviewing Tenant Submissions: We review and assess construction work submissions from tenants, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and codes.
  5. Roof Rehabilitation Specifications: Our expertise extends to developing specifications and details specifically tailored for roof rehabilitation projects, ensuring quality and longevity.
  6. Initial Consultation for Potential Property Acquisition: We offer general consultations to property owners considering the acquisition of new properties, providing valuable insights into the potential challenges and opportunities associated with each property.
ADA Compliance, Pickman Realty Corp.
ADA Compliance, Pickman Realty Corp.


In addition to our wide range of services, we pride ourselves on being technologically advanced. Our firm utilizes a proprietary project management system that efficiently logs every communication with project-related contacts. This system also facilitates document management, organizing files based on their purpose and use. We integrate this system with our construction document preparation process, which includes preliminary zoning and code analysis, documentation of existing conditions, and specifications for building elements.

Our commitment to leveraging technology enhances our ability to deliver efficient and reliable solutions to our clients, ensuring seamless project management and streamlined documentation processes.

At our firm, we understand that even the smallest tasks are significant, and we are dedicated to providing professional services that meet our clients’ diverse needs, no matter the scale.


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