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Exterior Improvement for a shopping mall, Holliswood, NY

Franhill Shopping Center, Pickman Realty
Franhill Shopping Center, Pickman Realty Corp.
Franhill Shopping Center, Pickman Realty Corp.

Since 2010, we have been working for a prominent real estate company in Queens. Among the numerous successful projects we have undertaken, one notable example is the exterior improvement project. In this project, we focused on eliminating the existing canopies that individual tenants had installed for their roll-up gates. These canopies varied in sizes, wear, and overall appearance.

To accomplish this, we closely collaborated with the ownership of the company. Our first step was to identify and screen prominent metalwork fabricators in the New York City Metropolitan area. We compiled a list of 20 potential recipients for the Request for Proposal (RFP) and managed the entire process.


We then arranged and conducted five interviews at the project site, with the ownership being actively involved in the selection process. This hands-on approach ensured that we considered the specific requirements and preferences of our client throughout the decision-making process.

By successfully managing this comprehensive selection process, we were able to choose the most suitable metalwork fabricator for the project. This meticulous approach played a crucial role in the overall success of the exterior improvement project and further solidified our positive working relationship with the real estate company.

Overall, our collaboration with the ownership, our careful selection process, and our dedication to providing high-quality solutions have consistently yielded successful outcomes for our client.

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